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Man Caves In Sevenoaks

Man Caves In Sevenoaks

Create your own kind of man-cave. Select your man kind to meet your requirements.

Garden Man Cave

Man caves. We all understand the need. Chaps need a bit of personal space to do their man-thing. And their families need personal space away from collections, hobbies, tools, computers, gym gear, TV sport or whatever particular man-thing might be going on.

As we all know, man-caving isn’t about “I never want to see my family again”. It’s about “I’m going to do my thing for a while, when I come back I’ll be happier and meanwhile I won’t make a mess in the kitchen.” Oh, and perhaps “Meanwhile, nobody will use my favourite craft knife for a school project and leave it in the wrong place and covered in PVA.”

Unless your home is unusually large, it’s rare you can create separate spaces like this indoors. The obvious solution is an individual, tailored garden room, snug and welcoming all year round and perfectly set up for whatever kind of man-caver you are…

Sports Man Cave

Enjoy pool, darts, gym machines or table tennis? Design your garden getaway around your favourite pastime, with seating for spectators. You could create special storage for equipment for other favourite sports, like wetsuits, skis or sailing gear too. Your trophy collection must of course be central to the décor.

Arm Chair Sports Man

If you’re more of an armchair sportsman, why not wire yourself up with a big TV and install a bar (or at very least a fridge). Invest in some luxury recliner seating and see how popular you are with your mates on Cup Final day. Add a games console and wifi booster for competitive gameplay evenings. Patio doors and outdoor decking mean post-match punditry can carry on over a barbecue.

Hobbiest Man Cave

One client of ours wanted the perfect space to enjoy his interest in building model planes. Another turned a painting hobby into a profitable sideline business. All skilled arts, crafts and specialist tools deserve spaces designed for the job, with the right tool storage, workbenches, lighting and display areas. This is where a basic workshop becomes a craftsman’s studio, a place where creativity is never held back by having to clear off the table for tea.

Man Cave Music Studio
Set up your old record player and give your vinyls an outing for a nostalgic night in or learn a new instrument without driving the rest of the family to distraction. A musical man-cave is also a great solution for jamming with friends – especially if the rest of your family don’t want to vacate the living room on band night! With sound proofing, domestic-standard locks on doors and windows, your precious equipment is as safe as houses too.

leisure Man Cave
A garden workspace doesn’t have to be workmanlike. Make yours a man cave by investing in leather seating and an executive desk, a killer sound system for workday tunes, or maybe a TV for catching up on the news, and how about table football for creative break-out sessions? There’s always space for inspirational artworks, and don’t forget a shiny coffee machine or water-cooler.

A lifetime’s work collecting your favourite things merits a special space to dedicate time to restoration, storage, displaying and enjoying them. Why have beautiful things in boxes under the bed when they could have their own built-in shelving or display cases? A carefully chosen selection of books, recordings, art or other collectibles could be the backdrop of a masculine retreat, or its whole reason for being. Below our customer chose one of our insulated timber garages for both working on and storing his precious collection of vintage motorcycles, a timber building is a great choice for both classic cars and bikes as timber being breathable avoids the nasty problem of condensation.

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